Behind The Glass

In 2005, I became a "Lampwork Artist", and I started to make glass beads. By using the Ancient Technique known as "Lampworking", I use a torch to melt rods of glass and wind them around a thin steel rod. I build up multiple layers of glass, sometimes adding pure silver leaf, and decorate and shape each bead, one at a time, by hand. Once formed, all my beads are annealed in a kiln to ensure a lifetime of durability.

When I make my jewelry, I get a great deal of my ideas and color schemes from places and events around me. When someone purchases my work, I hope that they're making happy moments themselves, something that can be touched and shared. With my beads and Sterling and Fine Silver components, I design and construct all my jewelry in my studio in Black Creek, Canada.

All of Sweetpeas's Jewelry is 100% original and unique, and I truly love what I do. I really hope that people who wear my jewelry, feel that love and get inspired themselves!

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Watermelon - Bold and Bright set was made in Black, Fuschia and Lime Green. They also vary just a lil' in size, 25mm- 27mm